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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toyota Tundra Conducts Recall of 2011

Approximately 51,000 Toyota Tundra trucks from the 2011 model year are subject to a new voluntary safety recall to inspect the rear drive shaft.

According to the Japanese automaker, the rear drive shaft in a very small percentage of the affected vehicles (0.05%) may include a component (slip yoke) that could break due to improper casting during the foundry process.
Toyota said that it is aware of only one incident in which the drive shaft slip yoke broke in a customer-owned vehicle, adding that it has not received any reports of accidents or injuries associated with this condition. 
The company said owners of the involved Tundra trucks will get a letter next month informing them to bring their vehicles in for inspection. Toyota said that in a limited number of cases, dealers may have to replace the rear drive shaft. 


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